Bull Trap coming ~ Is 4k the beginning of a big run?

There’s a simple fact that within the next ten years as the bitcoin network grows, the security strengthens, as the usability gets friendlier and as more people realize the TRUE value of digital tokens being -hard money (not printable) and (un-confiscatable ) money the price is sure to rise well over the all time high of 20k per token.

But there’s something else happening in the short term and its that market riggers are pumping and dumping tokens making it hard for the average investor to get involved without some sort of stability awareness of price. No one knows where the bottom is and no one really knows what the top could be. Some have even wagered their “nuts on the fact that by 2021 we will see bitcoin at 100k. ” ~John Mcafee

This brings us to today where the price of bitcoin today. Is 4k a reasonable amount for the price per bitcoin or could we potentially see a lower low that the previous amount of 3.2k. No one has a crystal ball, but its sure that anythings possible and we do now want our readers to get trapped investing any amount of fiat currency they cannot afford to lose in the short term with the price fluctuation so prominent. A few hundred dollars here and there isn’t going to break the bank, however it’s certain we should be ready with as much fiat currency as possible to buy into the market when we see a true bottom.

Thats all for today. Stay tuned for more news and information as JP MORGAN and FACEBOOK enter the space with their own digital tokens on the blockchain.

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