Could the recent 4 digit ₿itcoin price be the buying opportunity of a lifetime?

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Welcome to yet another informative blog from the writers here at CoinJoin. We want to thank all of our incredible private banking students for staying woke on crypto, as well as our visitors from all over the world. Lets dive in!

With the USD price of bitcoin currently sitting at $9,547 on Wednesday July 17th 2019 approximately 1:40am est. Some people are starting to wonder if the bump we saw up past 13k was just a fluke. We here at CoinJoin are much better with the technical aspects of the price and are 95% certain this is our much needed slingshot back up into 5 digit bitcoin price, and potentially past all time highs in the very near future.

People at home need to realize that although this market is very volatile in dollar terms, it is not volatile at all in terms of the digital asset itself. For example. Lets say you buy $1000 worth of ₿itcoin at the price of $10,000. You would receive .1₿. Now lets say the price per ₿ falls to $9,000. You might assume you lost 10% of your investment. Your $1000 is now worth $900. Correct? Well not exactly. See your .1₿ didn’t turn into .09₿. It stayed the same .1 so you still retained the value of your digital currency. Which means you haven’t lost anything, just stored aside funds for the future. In fact, having .1 of a token could potentially make you a millionaire in the years to come.

This being said, congrats to all the people who were able to hang on tight during the past bear market and didn’t sell their digital assets back into fiat currencies at a loss. You may have bought ₿ at $20,000 and are holding onto a smaller amount of token than you could have bought if you had waited for it to drop to 4 Digit area. But if you understand the future of this technology and the current monetary system then you know why comparing its value to the dollar is rather hilarious then you are one of the woke ones.

We are sending out this message as a buy signal. If you are thinking about getting into the crypto currency market NOW IS THE TIME. If you are already in and are storing your assets in a secure Private Banking System then you should think about accumulating more. If you don’t have a private banking system and are holding all of your funds on an exchange like Coinbase or Binance you are making a HUGE MISTAKE. We most likely wont be seeing bitcoin below the 4 digit dollar value opportunity again in our lifetimes. So get in now, Get secure and GET READY! The run into digital money had begun!

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