Did ₿itcoin REALLY bottom at 3.5k. How High will the next rally go?

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Welcome to another blog. We are so grateful to have amazing people like you apart of our community. Let’s talk ₿itcoin. So recently we’ve seen the price of 1.0 full token go above the $10,000 mark and run strait to $13,500 level in less than a week. Then shortly after this micro bubble popped the price of 1 ₿itcoin began to consolidate at around $11,000. This after a very long and dreadful bear market where the price of ₿itcoin fell off a cliff from December, 2017 at $20,000 all the way to the beginning of 2019 where 1 full token was at the $3,500 level.

The major volatility makes investors ask the question: Was $3,500 the bottom of the bubble and what will the next top of the bubble look like? Well we can comfortably speculate and say no one has a crystal ball and can predict this market 100%. Simply put all money is belief. Yes money is a ledger that does have certain qualities, but does the ink and paper or plastic credit cards or yellow rocks really have any real value?

We know will see many more micro bubbles form in the price of bitcoin moving forward. Bubbles always have 3 characteristics. 1. Price 2.Over Optimism 3. Rapid Acceleration. When this happens we can all be sure there is going to be some sort of a correction. The opposite is of course also true during a bear market. If everyone is saying were going lower, then you can almost bet were going to make a move higher which is what has happened in recent months.

From our fundamental understanding of the market, yes $3,500 was the bottom and we are on our way back up to the next level wave in the digital currency space which is going to put the price of 1.0 full ₿itcoin over $30,000 per token and we will see more FOMO, pandemonium, and experts emerge than ever before. The fact that the Fed is struggling to keep interest rates artificially low by printing money like toilet paper. The fact that we are seeing global tensions rise with trade wars and tariffs and the fact that corporations like Facebook are now launching their own crypto banks means there is a lot more in store for this market than most people can even fathom.

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