Exchanges are FAKING Volume! :(( That’s just one way they’re scamming you.

Its estimated that 95% of volume on exchanges are FAKE! What does this mean?!?! Simple:

STOP BUYING CRYPTO FROM BIG CENTRAL BANKING TYPE EXCHANGES. When you buy from coinbase, binance etc. you’re conecting your bank to another banks instead of connecting your person to another person. #PEERTOPEER #HUMANTOHUMAN

This is a peer to peer technology: #DecentrilizedBanking Buy your digital currency from someone who has it. Do something valuable for someone. Sell something you have for digital currencies. Stop using dirty fiat currency!

Yes there’s a lot of F.U.D in the market, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get involved. It just means you should “Tread With Caution” Listen to people who you know and trust. Like us 😉 is a place where you can get into the market with safety and security allowing you and your family to build a foundation that is going to last and not end up being a fuggazi.

Bitcoin and blockchain are not going away. Get in now, but do so THE RIGHT WAY! Take our basic course to learn more!

Much like fake bills, digital money without a private key is also Fake. Don’t be a sheep! You deserve better

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