How is CoinBase, Binance and other Major Exchanges a HUGE Scam?!?! #ProofOfKeys

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Where is your money? Well if you’re like the other 50,000 people signing up for CoinBase daily then chances are your “Straw-man” has signed up to buy some ₿ using its bank account / credit card. (or so you so think) The sad reality is that you have bought a derivative of crypto currency. Likely a screen which says he/she owns some digital assets. This is in fact a facade. Not only do you not hold any REAL digital currency, you will be subject to extortion and theft once the dollar amount of your straw-man’s purchase increases in value. Here is a fact to recognize: These purchase’s made by your straw-man through online exchanges are NOT REAL ₿ITCOIN.

Initially you consider the fact that everyone else is using this “Coinbase” service so it must be legit. You are fooling yourself. We advise you to reference the 2014 incident with a VERY SIMILAR major online exchange called MT. GOX was hacked and thousands of people lost their bitcoin. Recently, The settlements started paying out investors who were affected by this hack which lead to this major exchange going bankrupt. How did these claims settle? Dollar$, Thats right. DOLLAR$… NOT ₿ITCOIN. Why is that important? Because ₿itcoin is a scarce digital currency. The Dollar is not.

Shaq hands out blocks of Fiat cash to his “inner-circle.”

Lets imagine ₿ is a “digital product” instead of a digital currency. Mainly it has become a digital golden rock as of late. Anyway, for this analogy were going to refer to ₿ as a digital guitar 🎸, so that you can understand why its so important to be the private-owner of your “Private Key.” Imagine a world with ONLY 21 MILLION REAL digital guitars🎸which can be verified on the Universal Recording Studio (Also known as blockchain). You recognize this is an important opportunity to get involved in a new and scarce asset class. So you decide to buy a digital guitar🎸 and get involved in the new 🎸 space which is taking over the well known, regulated and daily used physical violin 🎻 space ( government issued currency).

So you go online, you hook up your standard physical 🎻 system in order to purchase yourself a new digital guitar🎸. The online exchange which is “selling” you the digital guitar🎸 asks for all your “KYC” info so that they can keep track of “your straw-man” and your new digital guitar🎸 purchase. This is your first mistake. You have submitted to the public side of the transaction as the debtor and you are now liable to the creditor for its usage. This is unfortunately not the worst part of the transaction you have entered into.

So in your account on Coinbase “Studio” you now have a full digital guitar🎸 or maybe a small piece of it which can be added together to make a full guitar over time. Your account says 1.0🎸 So you must own it a digital guitar! Awesome, you feel so grateful that you are now in possession of a scarce commodity. Not so fast….. you start researching and realize your 🎸is a hosted wallet and there isn’t any real crypto becuase there’s no proof of keys. Your money isn’t safe on this particular online studio to store your digital 🎸in . You want your digital 🎸in your possession because experts are saying to get it off ASAP. You want to hold the real 🎸 anyway and not some 🎻 based digital guitar derivative of the purchase you thought you made.

Two things: First, Coinbase studio sold you nothing but a screen which says you own 1.0🎸. Here’s the kicker, they themselves don’t even have 🎸to sell to everyone becuase there’s a very limited supply of only 21 million 🎸as previously stated. Coinbase is in fact using a semi-fractional reserve system and will end up like Mt. Gox in a disaster. They currently have many users that use their same wallet, that means the 🎸 in those wallets will never leave Coinbase studio (or reach the REAL Universal Recording Studio *Blockchain*) until they make an external transaction to a REAL studio address that is NOT a Coinbase studio system Example: A Real Private Banking system.

So in summary, your digital 🎸product cant be played because it doesn’t have the connection it needs to make any real sound becuase it is still a physical 🎻based asset NOT a scarce digital 🎸 .

Secondly, You don’t control the access to the digital guitar. You bought it, but you cant use it because it’s actually at someone else recording studio.

Actual info from CoinBase site FAQ.

You bought a screen, you never bought ₿itcoin. Why would you buy a digital screen instead of a REAL digital guitar 🎸 is the question? Its because you are being mislead like the other masses of people who always end up in the slaughter house. You are now beginning to realize bad things can happen in this new 🎸space and you are starting to realize the value of the motto: “If you don’t hold it, you don’t really own it” It’s not your fault, It happens to everyone!

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