How can people contact us?

You can contact us by leaving a comment here on the webpage or by visiting HERE You can also connect through any of our social media channels.

How can people purchase crypto? 

There are many ways to purchase digital currencies. You can buy it from someone who has it. You can sell something you own for it. You can trade something you have for it. You can also purchase it at your local bitcoin ATM. You can meet a local who is selling some in your area at

How can people set up digital wallets?

Once the decision has been made to enter into the market, you will need to download a secure digital wallet in order to do so. If you’re interested in learning how please submit a request to take our course. Its the BEST!

How does crypto currency work?

Users of digital currency send bits of numbers back and forth in exchange for goods services world wide.

How was bitcoin created?

Bitcoin was created using blockchain technology through a process called mining.

How can crypto be destroyed ( go to zero) ?

The only way Bitcoin can go to zero is if the internet shuts off.

How do people trade it and use it to buy goods and services?

Connect to the digital economy by meeting people at the local crypto meet up in your area.

How can it be used in different countries?

It can be sent from any private key to any public key anywhere in the world

How do you store crypto?

In a secure digital wallet where you and ONLY you own the private key!

How does blockchain work?

How do people learn more about crypto?


How can entrepreneures accept as payment?

Set up a private banking system on your laptop/desktop and mobile phone for quick and easy blockchain payments.

How can bitcoin replace dollars?

The dollar is on its way out. Being that it is a Inflationary currency, the dollar has lost 98% of its buying power since its conception. Bitcoin can become a super currency because of its superiority over gold and traditional fiat currencies. Stay tuned for Higher highs.

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