Is Decentralization a NECESSARY reality for the FUTURE?

Just today CoinJoin was speaking to one of our students who just recently made a post about Mark Zuckerbergs physical appearance on Facebook and within 15 minuets his entire account on both Facebook and Instagram was deactivated and he wasn’t allowed to access anything.

This sparks a controversy when we look at how mainstream media is able to control the narrative of everything that goes on in the world. What is perception? We as humans find our view of the world through our perception and even though we live in the 21st century it still amazes us that certain ways of looking at life are acceptable and even celebrated amongst the people. Though these these views of life are jaded and not based on truth or morality. We still participate in them and let our selves get completely sucked in by the rest of the herd. We here at aren’t just looking to help people wake up to the corrupt banking and financial sector but also in other areas of life.

Centralized power has been the demise and collapse of major empires since the beginning of time. We look at Rome for example as one of the greatest empires to ever be created yet to this day we all know Rome had just as big of a fall as it did a rise. How are we to handle this situation knowing whats happened when others have traveled a similar path? Do we learn from it and accept it as trivial experiences or do we try to re-create a better future that lasts forever and is prosperous for all of humanity?

Most likely not… We tend to revert back to our old habits which are fixed by some type of hypnotic rhythm and let the world go on as it does without making any big fuss about it. There is something to be said about great leaders who speak up against this kind of madness. “For evil can only persist when good men do nothing.” We here in America consider ourselves quite lucky when compared to China. Our perception is that we are free. Is that really the case? Do you really own yourself and have freedom to have be and do what ever it is you chose? You need to do your own self exploration into this matter and figure out if you weren’t going to work day to day for some specific motive if you would be taking that action at all.

Overall it’s time people start waking up and realizing their perception is being skewed by the powers that be. Its time for people to start self governing their decisions and start taking control of their lives by choosing which perception they’re tuning into. A decentralized future is the ONLY way for everyone to begin to create what they TRUELY want for themselves as individuals without the input and influences of others taking control of their minds and deciding for them what path they should be taking.

Ponder this matter between Centralized Power and Decentralized power and begin see if you can find a middle rode in the matter. We have, Now it’s your turn!

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