Bitcoin Vs. Gold

Is it possible that BTC is better than Gold?

This technology is the most Innovative energy since fire. Smart people all over the world have understood what the uses of a sophisticated ledger can help create. They detected this opportunity early and are now incredibly rich for their hard work with risk and assessment. Here is a short Video describing the specific attributes of a secure store of value and payment processing system. Mind you that this video was posted on Aug 28, 2014. The price of BTC at that time was roughly $240. Flash forward almost 5 years and we have the price of one BTC sitting at around 5700$ (Time of writing this Nov 14th 2018) Today also happens to be a day there theres “blood in the streets” after almost an 11% loss on the 24 hour chart since the yesterday on Nov 13th 2018. The price of gold is up today almost $9.00 with with the total spot price per ounce at $1,212.26.

This is the best day to buy into the market. Just like fire, this volatility has the capability to send us all to the moon. Don’t wait WATCH NOW

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