Is this the bottom or could we go lower?

The not so recent news about this Bear market that we’ve been in for over a year now which has resulted in a 90% DECREASE in USD value of most tokens is the statement “we are at the bottom”

Many people, investors, and speculators have suggested that 3.5K IS THE BOTTOM. Also stating that we have formed resistance and we cannot possibly go any lower. We here at are not so definite on this estimate. Based on the charts, we could go below the 200 day moving average AGAIN thus resulting in a 2.5k bitcoin within the next 6 months. Although anything IS possible we could continue to move back up from here.

Lastly, this doesn’t mean we wont, in the future, blow past our all time high. It simply means there’s a possibility for one more consolidation at roughly 2x the price of an ounce of gold. No one has a crystal ball, but its important for all of us to be vigilante and not get trapped in at a place were our investments are tied up for a long-term.

This is why we recommend our students to be bullish on Gold and silver being that there’s not much room for us to move lower “in dollar terms” based on the history of the market. Not to mention with gold/ silver the investment is tangible and cannot be taken away by losing a private key or the mass power outages.

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