Jack Dorsey (Billionaire) spending the equivalent of 18cents a week on BTC !

Its been rumored that the BILLIONAIRE Jack Dorsey is spending 10k a week on bitcoin investments…. Thats the equivalent of someone who has a 100k net-worth spending 18 cents a week on bitcoin!


Sorry, We just think its funny how the news media are headlining a 10k weekly investment when its coming from a billionaire, we should be laughing at the amount he’s investing when this technology is going to revolutionize transacting as we know it!

He should be going all in as an attempt to become a trillionaire. Anyway, you too can be apart of the action as this technology is open to the public. Not only is it a store of value, its a currency, a technology and a platform as important as the internet.

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Happy Monday, Have a blessed day!

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