What we Offer:

Here at Coin Join we offer 1:1 consultations to help you and your business accumulate and accept CRYPTO in the safest and simplest way possible.

Avoid the countless hours on Youtube, cheap video workshops and all the headache of figuring out what to do.  Check out our promises below to see how much we can help.

Products offered:

1 Hour Consultation- $100 USD OR 1.5 LTC 

Silver/Gold Course– $1500 or .15 BTC 

5 Week Private Banking Course – $2000. OR $1500 in digital currency payment of ₿. (20% OFF FOR BIRTHDAY WEEK ONLY)




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5 Week Private Banking Course Outline:

First: A detailed lesson on what crypto-currency and money actually is. (Why you should start investing in crypto and accepting it if you haven’t already)

Second: A detailed lesson on what a digital wallets (also known as Private Banking Systems) even is. (WEB, Mobile, Desktop)

Third: How to store your Crypto-currencies in a PBS with safety. Steps to secure your private key and remain individually in control of your currencies without giving up your wealth by having and intermediary party handle it. (Example Coinbase , Binance, Gemeni, Mt Gox etc.)

Fourth: Assistance with helping you download your Private Banking System PBS (Also known as a wallet) on different hardware options you plan to store your digital assets on. (Laptop , Smartphone, hardware)

Fifth:  How to buy/sell/trade BTC and other major Cryptocurrencies Locally and Anonymously.

Sixth: How to use your wallets to exchange Bitcoin for other Alt-coins.

Seventh: How to cash out your Crypto for Federal Reserve Notes.  

Eighth: Info on trust-worthy investors to follow on social media for market analysis and news.

Ninth: The best app for tracking gains and losses % across all your digital wallets.

Tenth: Short Video’s on what money is and why the “American dream” is a not what you think it is. 


  1. We teach you how to avoid extortion and theft. 
  2. We recommend audio books and learning material to help you understand money/mindset better.
  3. An app to start saving through your checking account which rewards you interest in crypto. (BAT, ETH, 0x)
  4. Google Chrome Browser Extension that pays you cash back in BTC for online shopping.
  5. Definitions: You will fundamentally understand what words spoken in this space actually mean. 


  1. We Teach you how to Cash-Out for physical Silver and Gold shipped right to your front door from the largest most respected bullion and coin dealers anywhere in the world. 

Our Promise To You:

We promise to work with you 1 on 1. That means, no video tutorials, webinars or workshops. We walk you through this entire process step by step. We promise that you will understand what crypto, blockchain and money REALLY IS. We promise to help you with setting up at least two digital wallets (Private Banking Systems) so that you can start accepting / holding crypto currency with safety and privacy . Lastly, we also promise to provide you with valuable resources to continue learning and increasing your personal net-worth and freedom.

Our first “Crypto Blackbelt Instructors” will be Minted In 2019: 



This Advanced course offers EVERYTHING in the BASIC COURSE but MORE! You can become a CoinJoin Instructor and take a positive position in the crypto currency space helping others get into the market safely and securely with CoinJoin’s Course Outline Protocol.

  • You must Qualify to Teach by Having Completed our 5 week course. 
  • You must have demonstrated for at least 1 full year that you are money efficient. 
  • This gives you access to the most in depth money mindset coaching as a team with weekly meetings to make sure you’re on the right track with all your personal investments. 
  • We have a full workshop and study guide to make sure you’re ready and confident to teach a white belt the foundations of what there is to know about this space. 
  • This will be a new stream of income for the eager crypto enthusiast, allowing you to do work in a field that you enjoy being in. 
  • You will develop leadership skills like you’ve never had before.