So you wanna be a MILLIONAIRE? Well there isn’t enough Bitcoin for everyone to own 1.0

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Welcome back to another blog by our team at CoinJoin. We know the crypto and blockchain space is maturing. Its starting to transform entire industries and usher in a new era of tech. We want to stress an important point that although we’ve seen growth from the previous bottom over the past 6 weeks in the space there is still a potential to see another dip in the market as we have not confirmed a full on bull market yet at this time. Please don’t invest anything you’re not able to stomach a loss in over the short term.

Moving on, theres been a lot of interest in the crypto space by major hedge funds and huge generational trusts and institutional investors. Enough to realize each millionaire (Estimated over 11 million millionaires in just the USA alone) will be investing upwards of 100k into the space as we see continued adoption of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms to keep track of all kinds of ledgers globally.

This simply means we’re going to see an all out mass run for the REAL tokens once the flood gates open up and those institutions with the most money are allowed to enter the space with the regulation and security they need before they invest. BUT- there are only 21 million bitcoins, what is that going to do to the price?!?!?!?

Lets just say you should get your moon helmet on and get ready for a massive bull run unlike we’ve ever seen in the past. We’re talking prices well over 100k per token. Those who get in early and adopt a private banking system before the institutions enter will be rewarded handsomely.

We don’t want to speculate, but most people aren’t ready for the transition of wealth that’s happening in the very near future. Get set up the Right Way by taking out basic course so that you are the custodian of your own private banking system and so that you’re not fooled into buying a screen that says you own bitcoin when you really don’t.

Thats all for now, any comments or questions feel free to post below. Until next time.

~CoinJoin CEO

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