“Social Media IS a boiling pot for Crypto-Based scams.”

Our good friends over at Crypto Daily Official have recently posted a video about Instagram and Twitter scams that are sweeping the social media space with brute force. We thought we should share it with you in hopes that you will not be a victim of the cleverness of these scams.

Apparently by using the “Law of averages” scammers send out MASS volume messages in hopes that users who don’t know any better fall victim to the strategy. The strategy being some form of scam which is meant to separate the user from their digital currency for some promise that of corse the scam artist never follows through with. Check out the video for more information. And DON’T BE A VICTIM.

ICO’S can also be a scam make sure your only investing in coins that have a legitimate development team and solve a legitimate problem within the world using Blockchain technology. That’s all for now make sure to subscribe to Crypto Daily Official for more Crypto news and information.

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