TH-IRS is mailing documents to crypto investors who signed a “contract” through exchanges like Coinbase.

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Welcome back to another blog from the writers here at Coinjoin. Recently, three educational letters have been sent out to known crypto investors/ traders. Letters 6173, 6714, and 6174-A which place known crypto currency investors between the years of 2013-2015 who made transactions of $20,000 or more liable to pay taxes on every transaction. Coinbase turned over data on customers who bought, sent, sold or received digital currency.
The data included the customer’s name, taxpayer identification number, birth date and address, plus account statements.

This is just the start of a MASSIVE storm that is coming from the powers that be to take advantage of the freedom to transact without boarders using digital currency. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency separate from the dollar and fiat currency monetary system. Due to the fact that the dollar is inflationary and Bitcoin is deflationary Bitcoins buying power will continue to increase overtime while the dollars value decreases. Who knows what the final price of 1.0 bitcoin will be. Know your rights when it comes to signing up for these websites and purchasing digital assets through exchanges.

That being said, we urge you to take our 5 week “Private” banking course so that you can anonymously transact without any contract with TH-IRS. Contract is Law and Law is Contract. Once you enter into a contract you will be subject to the laws which govern them. Please take advantage of this weeks Special The entire “5 week Private Banking course” for .05 btc. or 5 ltc. We will help you navigate the murky waters of crypto currency and help you get set up the right way with safety and security.

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