The future relationship between people and their tokens: Volume 1:

As we’re sitting in the coffee shop right now thinking about the future of where crypto currency is leading us; it’s the year 2019 less than 5 months have passed and April 27th is on the horizon for tomorrow. We cant help but imagine the year 2030 and what it will look like: Will it be a place we can recognize? Or will it be a place where the matrix we’re currently experiencing is entirely different than anything were used to perceiving. Remember this quote “Science Fiction becomes Science Fact”

Zoom in to 2030:

Technology has completely begun to take over and almost everything in the world has a data connection link to the inner-net. Lots of People everyday have begun waking up and realizing the simulation isn’t a hoax. That somehow, we have all consciously simulated the world of the future into this moment right now. The relationship between VR and AR has become so connected some humans can no longer distinguish between the simulation and reality. We are ingrained in our subconscious we cannot escape the realization that we ourselves are actually holograms in a digital universe simulation constructed as energy with nothing but human emotion to keep us from becoming the robots who control us. People cannot stop being attached to their phones, the drug no one expected to take control of the masses because it seemed so innocent.

Not everyone agrees its a trap. Some believe that we must adapt to it and use it to our advantage. Small communities of tribalistic humans have begun grouping together to use their technology to remove themselves from the super-imposed system. They call themselves Freedom Fighters. Here is the story of how each token began to transform the way humans interacted in an e-payment based economy.

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