MEET The Man Whose New-Born-Baby “Liberty” Visited ALL 50 states in just 42 days using bitcoin.

Aloha Friends,

Please meet Joby Weeks! He is a special friend of CoinJoin. This man and his newly born baby named “Liberty” have set the Guinness World Record for traveling to all 50 States in under 50 days.

Joby, being an early adopter of the new digital currency called Bitcoin, has been living his dream and helping others connect to the technology all over the world. Everyone, including his new born daughter Liberty. Before Liberty was even 50 days old she traveled to each state in the United States; becoming the first human in the world to accomplish this mission in only 43 days since arriving to earth.

As a way of spreading awareness that any dream you have is possible Joby travels all over the world with his wife Stephanie, their new born baby Liberty and life-long friends sharing the possibilities that exist with the help of blockchain technology.

They have a “Liv List” which , instead of a bucket list, is meant to inspire others to travel (outside the box) and experience new cultures and moments in time that will last forever. Here is a Video from sharing the story in detail as well as a special appearance from Doctor Ron Paul.

For more information feel free to follow their journey on Social Media and you can also check out their website to learn more about how you can become apart of the nomadic lifestyle using digital currency.

Mahalo for reading. Stay tuned with CoinJoin.Shop for more inspiring Entrepreneurs who are paving their way to greatness using Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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