What will the NEXT bull RUN look like? (With Chart)

It’s 2022 and you’re going for a jog. Along your jog you come across a yard sale. You don’t need anything specific, but for some reason you decide to take a look. As you enter the space you are greeted by someone who introduces themselves as Van, “Let me know if you have any questions” he says.

Your eyes are drawn to these beautiful plants and you realize how much you need them, you ask “how much.” Turns out your new friend Van is trying to hook you up, but there’s one problem…you forgot your wallet.

“Darn! I wish I could buy these, but I left my wallet all the way back at my place and I would have to run back and get it.” Your new friend Van who’s generously hooking you up says,
“Can you use your Apple Watch or Mobile Phone to send a transaction from your Jaxx Liberty Wallet or any other digital wallets you have?”
You ask, “What like bitcoin?”
He agrees; You tell him,
“Man I never thought of that, I do have .2 Litecoin. I bought some a few days ago from a buddy of mine who basically forced me to do it because of his excitement. I guess this crypto thing is the new wave; I saw every news station talking about this cryptographic stuff. I don’t know much about it yet, but to be honest I just bought some because everyone else was. I wish I got lucky and bought in back in Dec, 2017”
Van Laughs, “Don’t we all wish we got in sooner” he says.

You proceed with ease and in a couple seconds on your phone, you see your $20 you invested is now worth $21.12. You send the numbers from your phone to Van’s phone and you get to take the plants and go on your way.

On your jog home, you start to feel some sort of change happening to your emotions, you can’t put your finger on it but you know it’s refreshing to see a better way to buy something you want, with the freedom of transacting through your smartphone. You note that it uses less of your energy and even is less time consuming than traditional methods. You wonder how long this will last, but you know recognize that a good thing is something worth keeping around.

~The End~

That’s the story of how technology changed the way we communicated value between each other. As of now Bitcoin and other digital currencies are being bought and sold to make dollar profits and not transacted peer to peer like they were intended. This is only temporary. Bitcoin is a store of value which uses a network affect to connect and grow transactions all over the world in person or on the internet. Its better than the methods of the past because were all connected to the internet therefore it makes sense for us to use internet money as well as government money.

The fact that it deflates in dollar terms due to its built -in scarcity, there will never be more than twenty-one million Bitcoin. Everyone who comes to realizes what Bitcoin is, has to help spread awareness, which makes the realized value increase even more. Bitcoin is unstoppable. Humans are the catalyst to seeing what greatness can unfold from this monetary technology revolution. Below is the Wall Street Cheat Sheet of market cycle and emotions. Every 4 years Bitcoin goes on a crazy rally as people begin to catch up on what’s happening. Blockchain transactions are the future of the money and the future of the internet.

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