Where is the best place to learn and get educated about Bitcoin and Crypto?


Where is Bitcoin mined?

Bitcoin is mined all over the world using computing hash power and electricity. Miners are rewarded with new bitcoin for solving complex mathematical problems. Visit the “What?” category under the FAQ section to learn more about what mining is.

Where can people spend cryptocurrency?

Being that crypto is a digital currency it can be spent anywhere in the world. In fact, you don’t even have to be in person in order to spend/send it. Once you have the public key for the person or place you wish to spend the currency to you can use the internet to send the funds. Much like now a-days where we can see our loved ones face to face without having to be next to them using live streaming or face-timing. Digital Currency is like E-mail Money.

Where can people learn how to set up a Personal Private Banking system?


Where is the coolest crypto events happening?

All over the world, Check out our Latest blogs/ news for events happening near you!

Where are the safest places to keep your tokens?

A wallet where YOU AND ONLY YOU hold the private key.

Where is bitcoin?

Bitcoin and all digital currencies are functions of the internet. This means that bitcoin can be anywhere and everywhere in the world all at once. Keeping in mind the supply is always limited to 21 Million. As of today April 18th 2019 the circulating supply is 17,652,475 BTC.

Where is crypto valuable?

It is valuable anywhere in the world where people or users have access to the internet. Anyone who has a private banking system will value digital currency as much, and in some cases, even more that the U.S Dollar.

Where will bitcoin be in 10 years?

No one has a crystal ball, however we are willing to speculate 10 years from now bitcoin will be much higher than the present value of 3,646$ on Feb 8th 2019. As long as the power grid remains operable. Our Estimation: 1 Million Dollars per BTC by December 30th 2029.

Where will the market cap of digital currency be in 20 years?

The current market cap is roughly 120 BILLION dollars on feb. 8th 2019 which is a drop in the bucket. Just one man (Jeff Bezos) has a net worth of that amount. In 20 years its pretty much a guarantee that the market cap of digital currencies will be well over 1 trillion.

Where is the best place to find the prices of the most popular tokens in all major forms of currency?

You can find the price, market cap and dominance of each coin here

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