Who is CoinJoin?

Coin join is a group of awesome entrepreneurs who really cares about you getting into the market securely and safely with the help of our instructors. We understand where you’re at in your life and how tight every dollar is. It’s time to get out of slavery and start being free. Blockchain is the answer you’re looking for.

Who is this Blockchain technology for?

This technology is for any human being, institution and corporation worldwide who uses the internet. Mostly this site is for free-thinkers and individual humans who are tired of “the system.” Its time you remove yourself from it and become your own bank. We personally use a digital wallet as our bank account and we have full confidence that we are in full control of our own destiny when we do so.

It is for the people who expect to have instant gratification with your wealth instead of waiting on a big institutional banks to handle your money and get it back to you in “3 to 5 business days.” It is for the Traveler who doesn’t want the extra responsibility of having to pay ridiculous exchange fees when changing different currencies for one another.The fact that most people have to bring ink and paper rectangles into a busy shopping plaza stand in line, just to exchange one kind of rectangle for another from a different country, is absurd and a waste of time.

It is for the Entrepreneur who is open to accepting all forms of payment for their services without any restrictions on how they offer value to the marketplace. The new business owner who doesn’t want to give away 30% of their income will love this! Stop being a sheople and start taking control of your future by getting onboard with this new technology. Humans all over the earth should be using it as a way to communicate value back and forth digitally. With this technology we can send payments in seconds with the click of a button, all from a decentralized secure ledger on the blockchain.


Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

To better understand the history of bitcoin you must ask yourself this question. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin was first created with the written publication of a paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,” under the incognito title of an individual or a group of individuals with the name satoshi Nakamoto. A photo of the real Satoshi Nakamoto below. Not to be confused with the actual creator of bitcoin. Never the less, this alias name is responsible for publishing and developing the first anonymous peer-to-peer platform were people can transact on the secure digital ledger using proof of work algorithms For more information about WHAT IS BITCOIN visit our FAQ under the WHAT? section.

Who are the biggest adopters of digital currency. 

We have an interesting situation happening here with digital currency. Initially bitcoin was hated on and called a ponzi scam by big banks. 10 years later- Banks now are using digital currency and holding digital currency as the future of the dollar looks grim. They are also, on the move innovating new ways for using blockchain to send payments from country to country.


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