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Why is crypto currency so important?

This currency is revolutionary in terms of freedom. As big governments consistently try to own, extort and regulate free people through the printing and controlling of the unit of measure; This technology gives people the freedom to become their own bank instead of being forced to use and transact with only fiat currencies .

Why do people need to be their own private banks moving forward?

Look at the ever increasing amount of people going to jail for making money. This is not a crime by definition. A crime is doing harm to someone, The pursuit of life liberty and happiness is not a crime. Bitcoin gives everyone a private bank in the palm of their hand.

Why should people trust the Crypto market?

The better question is why should people trust the governments some with the pyramid on the back of their bills. The major answer is Blockchain. Blockchain is protected by a strong cryptographic hash algorithm. Each block has a unique hash pointer. Any modification in the block constituents will result in the change in the hash identifier of the block.  Therefore, it offers an excellent level of security. Thus, one needs not to worry about the safety as well as the security of data that is present in a block.

Why should people own and use crypto?

Freedom, security and speed. 

Why should governments control the money supply?

They shouldn’t, Simple, We need to realize that money is energy, people are energy and the government should not be able to control the people through forcing them to use one type of currency and extorting them for earning it.

Why shouldn’t people use only one form of currency?

FREEDOM! If we are forced to exchange energy using only one method, expect to be apart of a totalitarian economy wherein only one central entity controls everything and everyone.

Why crypto adds an advancement onto previous ledgers in the past?

Its more technologically advanced than other ledgers. With everyone glued to their phones on the internet why not have internet money as a means of exchanging value as oppose to government created currencies.

Why does crypto bring value to society?

Its a new way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to get paid with security and freedom from government extortion.

Why do people need to save and invest?

The American Debt is crippling the fabric of our freedom globally. For individuals and families all across the states people are taking on more consuming then their minds are capable of handling. We need a reform and we need it FAST. Crypto and Precious metal accumulation is the key to being sovereign. No one should own you except you!!! Get out of debt and take control of your financial destiny.  

Why should people Follow Coinjoin.shop?

We are on the cutting edge of a new technology that is going to revolutionize the world as we know it.


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