You Can’t Be This DUMB when you get into the market…

It wasn’t too long ago we heard a story of some dude saying he was buying bitcoins for a couple bucks a piece at the local corner store. He showed us some of them and they were about 1oz of copper plated coins with the bitcoin logo on them. We Laughed.

Recently we saw an article posted about how someone stole a bitcoin ATM and tried to get the tokens out. HAHAH Check out the photo of the ATM below. This and many other examples are simply elementary when we look at the reasons people don’t understand bitcoin and what it is.

Is it physical? Is it digital? Is it money? Are the tokens even REAL? Well we can assure you Bitcoin IS real. We can’t guarantee you won’t continue to see more stupidity when it comes to the crypto currency and blockchain space. One of the stupidest things we see is when people sign up for web wallets like Coinbase and Binance and think they’re trading real bitcoins.

We know whats going on here at CoinJoin and we expect you realize this when you decide to enter this decentralized market and decide to set up your own private banking system. There’s the right way to do something and there’s the wrong way to do something.

We want you to get started the RIGHT WAY. If you want to learn more you can get started by taking out Basic Course. Get ready to become sovereign and private, be able to protect yourself against theft and extortion and start being free!

Thanks for reading!

See you next time!

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