You GOTTA Save In REAL MONEY. NOT DEBT! Little ink and paper with dead people on it…

This is a very general topic of discussion here at Coinjoin and it always comes back to the question: What is money?

Well we know this isn’t something they teach in camp for small adults … we mean schools… so it’s time we open your eyes a little and dispel some myths about money that you’ve been lead to believe throughout your life.

First of all is money little ink and paper rectangles with dead peoples faces on it ? Is it the little piece of plastic with the 16 numbers on it? Is it the numbers in the bank account that your local institution posts your paycheck in?

We answer all of these questions in a simple and easy way. MONEY IS ENERGY! Money is simply a ledger of energy thats owed and paid during exchange. We’ll discuss this further later on. But first we want you to know what the word bank means.

BANK: 1. The land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake. 2. A slope, mass, or mound of a particular substance

What the bank usually surrounded by? Thats right, a river! What does the river contain? CURRENT! Water flows right? Whats another word for MONEY? Thats right, CURRENCY (or current) !!!

So the money, also known as currency is the water and the bank controls the current because it is alongside it, so it has some say in where the water (energy) goes. Similarly to how todays institutions use the Dollar and other forms of fiat currencies to control what you do with your energy and time.

This is NOT how we recommend you go about living your life. There are better ways. Starting with not saving your energy (money) in forms of energy that are manipulated and inflate over time as a result of this manipulation.

We here at CoinJoin recommend you store 50% of your money in GOLD/SILVER #REALMONEY. 20-30% in Digital currencies such as BITCOIN and the rest in fiat based currencies from all the places you like to travel to.

There’s something to be said about scarcity when it comes to money. It’s VERY important what ever energy we decide to use as a form of money is something that is scarce in nature and CANNOT be printed or made up out of thin air. This is how pyramid schemes are created. We have an exchange of energy, without a valuable product or service.

We DO NOT like pyramid schemes and recommend you do your due diligence before you get involved. The last person who’s holding onto the bag when the scheme ends ALWAYS LOOSES. Lets make sure that’s not you!

If you’re only saving in dollar (debt ) based terms. We suggest you have a look at our BASIC COURSE. This will 100% guarantee you have a better understanding of Wealth and what money is so that you’re not left holding the bag. Its time you become your own private banking system as a hedge against this manipulation. Venezuela , Zimbabwe and many other countries have seen this, lets hope were not next!

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