You might be a “Barbarian” and not even know it….

Through the ages people have exchanged many different kinds of currency for goods and services. Anything from Shells, to Salt, Beads to Gold a ledger has always been a necessary part of transactions between humans.

Welcome to the 21st century, where you no longer have to ask the question:

“Paper or plastic”


We now live in a digital age where its even easier to transport, transact, and travel with digital currencies then ever before. For example, check out this travel site that accepts bitcoin for airplane tickets

When you’re stuck in the dollar you’re limited to how big your physical wallet is to hold your physical ink and paper rectangles. And with plastic, well lets just say it’s silly to have a tiny computer (AKA smart phone) and cary around a bunch of plastic rectangles as well.

With blockchain, we have something were there’s complete transparency between the customer and the merchant. Something thats faster and less manipulated. With blockchain based currencies, like BITCOIN… We have the future!

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2 thoughts on “You might be a “Barbarian” and not even know it….

  1. One day well be looking back telling the children of the future about the dollar and they will be thinking how silly it was.

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